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your custom abstract artwork

A perfect solution if you want a specific format or colors!

“I want my collectors to be an integral part of my work.

Meeting these influences who I am and how I create.

They accompany me in writing my story, our story. " -Aro

Oeuvre sur mesure Aro Artiste Commission artwork from Aro Abstract art artist Peintre

An exceptional experience with Aro artist

You want to order a personalized and unique artwork in the format and colors you want?

Nothing could be easier, you just need to contact me by email or phone to discuss your needs, your budget, your favorites so that I can provide you with a quote.


The creation deadlines and the applicable conditions will be provided to you during this first exchange.

In addition to having a custom format and colors, your artwork will have its own story tinted by our discussions. This story will be written on the back of your canvas because each work has its story, I am only recounting it!

I look forward to creating for you!

Here are the creation steps

of your  commission artwork

 Oeuvre personnalisée Aro Artiste peintre Commission artwork Aro Abstract painter


Select one or more Aro artworks that inspire you


Contact me via phone or email to start our discussions


Creation period and validation by the client


Delivery and installation by the artist
(in the province of  Quebec only)


Caroline has a immense talent! We ordered

2 paintings of 2 different sizes which are simply magnificent. Caroline knew how to define the atmosphere of our house and knew how to transpose it on these 2 paintings. Harmony & energy are the words that come to mind when we look at them!

Zineb Oumoussa & Youness Mounsif

Caroline Bergeron Création sur mesure Aro Artiste peintre Commission artwork Aro Abstract artist

Other collections ARO artist painter

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