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The ARO Gallery: Where Art Meets Inspiration!

Caroline et la Galerie ARO

Aro Gallery

2682, boul. Talbot

Stoneham near Quebec

G3C 1J5


Meeting with the artist Aro by appointment

Contact Aro

at 418-657-0120

The ARO Gallery is more than just an art gallery; it is a place of meeting and exchange, where each work tells a story and each visit leaves an indelible mark. Come join us in Stoneham, near Quebec, for a unique artistic adventure that will awaken your senses and enrich your love of art.

Artistic events at the ARO Gallery

Aro artiste en train de peintre une oeuvre abstraite
Aro artiste et le live painting



The ARO Gallery is proud to regularly present exhibitions highlighting recent works by the artist Aro. Each exhibition is an invitation to dive into varied and captivating artistic worlds.


Culture Days

Take part in our Culture Days, an annual event celebrating art in all its forms. The ARO Gallery is committed to offering workshops, performances and interactive activities for all ages, highlighting the richness and diversity of the local art scene.


Live Painting

Experience art live with our Live Painting sessions. Witness the creation of a work of art in real time and let yourself be carried away by the energy and passion of the artist at work.


Creative Day “oui !  c'est Possible”

Join us for a day where creativity has no limits. The “Oui ! c'est possible” Creative Day is a unique opportunity to unleash your imagination and explore different mediums and techniques under the guidance of the artist.


Open Door

Discover behind the scenes during our Open Days. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the gallery, meet the artist Aro and his entourage, and learn more about the creative processes and inspirations behind the works on display.


Special Events

The ARO Gallery is also the scene of special events throughout the year. Live music, poetry readings, book launches and many other activities enrich our programming, making each visit a new and memorable experience.

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