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Bethe artist of your life!
Unleash your full potential

For a company to perform, it takes happy employees.

How to equip your teams through life's challenges?

Through the story of an inspiring atypical journey, Caroline Bergeron offers the conference “Be the artist of your life!” Unleash your full potential”, where she discloses concrete tools to free ourselves from 5 reflexes which prevent us all from moving forward (without knowing it) and which, once identified, allow us to bring out the best in everyone.

The 5 reflexes demystified:

1- Self-sabotage

2- Get dizzy

3- Compare yourself

4- The need to please everyone

5- Blame yourself

Topics/Tools covered during the conference:

  • Master your thoughts to develop a fiery Mindset using powerful tools

  • Build self-confidence and unlock your full potential

  • Develop the courage and boldness to take action and achieve your goals

  • Defuse sources of anxiety to be well and happy

  • Adaptability to changes and unforeseen events

  • Understand your deep motivations

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Treat yourself to the conference
the artist
of your life"

I offer you a journey between awareness and solutions in managing risk and change, in taking action and collaborating so that you can be aligned on your contribution and your well-being.

I am Caroline Bergeron, aka Aro, an ordinary girl who chose to live an extraordinary life. I share with you my most significant experiences - those which allowed me to reach the heights - as well as my difficult passage from shadow to light; passage which forged my character and anchored more than ever my determination to believe that everything is possible.


Director of business development for Campbell's Soups, owner of successful restaurants, graduate of the Élite program of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce, she is now the most rapidly growing painter of the decade.

Daughter of a distant entrepreneur father, a seriously ill mother, a disabled sister and a brother who stopped school at 14, she had to do the grandiose from her earliest childhood to attract the attention of his parents.


Stepping in and standing out in this context of dysfunctional family life was not easy.


This incessant quest to always be more in order to obtain the gaze of those who were most dear to him was the starting point of a cycle that became part of his adult life.


Although this incessant need for recognition and approval has served her well to become the authority figure she is today in the world of contemporary art, it has also almost led to her downfall.


Until the day she hit a wall at 44 and slipped into a black zone that led her straight to psychiatry, certain that she had gone mad.


In this conference, she speaks to you with an open heart about her learning in the multiple roles she had to play.

Caroline Bergeron parcours de l'artiste peintre
Témoignage Alliance Affaires de la Côtes de Beaupré
sois l'artiste de ta vie - conférence Aro ARTISTE
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